Which God?

adults with imaginary friendsSince there is no proof for the existence of a higher power, and likewise there is no evidence to point that there isn’t one – agnostics claim that chances for its existance remain equal either way- at 50%.

At this point, many religous people will claim “rational thinking” by choosing religion as an “insurance policy” just to be safe – while as the atheist faces certain eternal damnation in case he is wrong.

However – this argument overlooks one crucial fact, a fact which more than anything points to the incredible ignorance and narrow-mindedness that is so typical of  religous people:

Even if you accept the possibility of a higher power, the question still remains – Which one?!

Fact is , all religious people are atheists towards all gods other than thier own – and there is no shortage of gods. From the countless religions that have existed past and present – assuming only one is true – how do we know which? And what if you make a wrong bet? what if you give your life to Jesus, or  Budha, when all the while the one true god is actually Ra the Sun God of ancient Egypt?  isn’t it preferable not to bet at all?

It should also be noted, that the evidence supporting the existence of any one of the countless gods reviered by human cultures past and present all amount to – absolutely nothing.

People widely look at Zeus or Thor as made up fictional characters – but what evidence do we have to support the existance of  Yehova, Allah or Jesus? absolutely none.

Infact, the choice between following the commandments of one god over the other is completely arbitrary, and based mostly on the culture one happens to be born into.


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