Warped Ethics

only god could make a mother believe this is right

“In a world without religion, good people will do good things and evil people will do evil things. In order for good people to preform evil deeds – you need religion”

Religion – every religion, claims that one or several all powerful Deities exist in this world, and that humanity must live according to their bidding.  In every religion, whoever lives accordingly to the given set of commandments is considered – “good”, and whoever does not- is “evil”.

This definition has absolutely nothing to do with the modern concept of good and evil – “Treat others as you would like to be treated”, but rather with a completely separate concept of  “Do as God says, or be viewed upon as evil”.

Having based this premise, it is up to each and every “Deity” or religion to compose it’s own text, which can include any given set of arbitrary commandments – and the true believer will adopt it as morality itself – “ultimate good” – because of its source.

Among all three monotheistic religions, the unbiased reader will quickly stumble upon countless acts of shear cruelty, sadism, chauvinism, genocide, hate, pedopheilia, bigotry and submission – all presented as none other than Morality.

It is this divine decree which warps and twists rational thought, and causes good people to betray reason, and commit horrendous acts that without religion they would never find justification for. Among these acts today we see suicide bombings, murder of abortionist doctors and homosexuals, pointless physical mutilations, statutory rape, and military occupations of foreign populations- all motivated by the will to please a given Deity and live accordingly to its commands.

Perceived Enemies

Religion puts up artificial barriers between people, and labels those with different views as no less than heretics requiring punishment. Do people actually believe that in the event that there is a god – he created us all and gave us contradictory texts in order for us to fight one another? what could motivate such a being to do that? Why brain-wash people into believing that cruel and senseless acts are actually moral? and why is it enough for a book to state that “wrong is actually right” for people to see it as validation to act with cruelty?

Evidence that this is indeed the will of God can be found the book of Genesis: Story of the Tower of Babylon.

While we expect God to punish the murderers, thieves and rapists – the story of the tower of Babylon exposes a god who punishes humanity for  something completely unfathomable: cooperation, progress, and brotherhood.

In the Story of the Tower of Babylon, humanity unites as one, in a brotherhood only dreamed of by peace activists today, not in the face of a common enemy- but rather in the face of a common goal. In the face of this utopia, how does god react? He feels threatened- and punishes humanity, forcing different languages,  separation,  suspicion and hostility among men- in order to end the cooperation.

Later, God comes to Abraham,  a simple Shepard, and tells him that he has arbitrarily been chosen to be separate from the rest of humanity – and that his descendants will be superior to all men. All this with no reason other than to proliferate further  dissent. Just like the language barrier, religion too serves as a barrier – an artificial one, meant to deepen the chasm between people.

Given the above, it would not be surprising if there really is a god, who did intentionally give contradicting rules to different cultures in order to stop them from uniting against a weak, jealous and cowardly god.


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