Irrational belief and Conflict

June 17, 2009

soldier of god

soldier of god

Since the dawn of religion, different gods around the world have supposedly been revealing themselves to different cultures, distributing contradicting texts containing “eternal truths”. In the case of the three major monotheistic religions, an all knowing all powerful “one true” god , supposedly appeared three times in front of three different individuals in the middle east – presenting them with an “eternal truth” – each version contradicting the other two.

As Omnipotent as this god is, he has trouble making up his mind – and taking into account the claim that god has complete knowledge of past present and future only makes matters worse.

Acting on blind, arbitrary and baseless faith, the three monotheistic religions are locked in eternal conflict over a tiny piece of real estate on which they insist has been chosen for them -and them alone, by the one true god.  Holding on to ancient texts supposedly written by the same diety, they act on contradicting commandments that lead them straight to conflict with one another.

One only has to ask himself- in case the monotheistic god is true: is this what he wants? why purposely give conflicting and contradictory commandments to different people? How different is it from shaking a jar of ants for the sadistic pleasure of watching them fight?