Call To Action

In the technological reality of the 21’st century, the material shortages which caused past tribal conflicts are now irrelevant. If left to good will, humanity presently has the means to eliminate hunger, produce abundant free energy, and provide a respectful standard of living for all.

While past conflicts arose around real survival issues, today’s conflicts stem from artificial divisions, bigotry, baseless feelings of superiority,  and xenophobia.  However, these can all be reconciled through dialogue, education and negotiations – until you encounter religion.

While all human opinions are all fallible and open to reason, an argument supposedly made by a supreme all knowing being- is not. Above all, Religious people are motivated by fear of angering their arbitrarily chosen deity – to the point that even if they disagree logically with the given commandments – they will still act upon them, against their will.

Guided by their supreme texts, religious people find themselves unable to avoid a collision course with one another – which can only be avoided by abandoning religion altogether.

Jews, Muslims and Christians will continue senselessly murdering each other for control over Jerusalem until they are all made to realize that Jerusalem is rock, trees and hills like all others found on our planet.

However, within the boundaries of religion, rock, trees and hills are baselessly lifted up to divine status, through three contradictory stories supposedly written by the same all knowing Deity.

Religion creates artificial divisions between people where no division is necessary.

Join Us

It is time declare the dark ages truly over, and bring on a new age of reason, in which people allow themselves to be guided by hard evidence, critical thinking, open mindedness, and mutual respect – instead of baseless and destructive fairy tales.

Help bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East and the world – expose the lie of religion.


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