Needless Conflict

hamas rally

hamas rally

It’s not My land to negotiate over – it’s God’s land, and it was his choice to give it to me…

The Middle East Conflict is one of religion.  It is a conflict founded on religious roots and perpetuated by religion alone.

A Territorial dispute not unlike many others has grown into an unsolvable conflict only because of the “God factor”.

Both sides, Jews and Muslims – are  motivated by blind faith in  ancient religious texts, whose origins have never been verified, and countless scientific evidence contradicts the claims stated within them.

Regardless – Both sides feel eternally unable to compromise on any solution that would end the blood-shed, out of fearful belief  that any such compromise would necessarily contradict their religious obligations, and would consist a betrayal of their God.

Religion deals with absolutes, and there is no room for compromise on God’s word of absolute truth – therefore there can be no peace among rival religious groups.

There Will Be No Peace In The Middle East As Long As Religion Remains A Factor


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