Religious Nutjobs in Israel

In this post I want to focus on the Haredi Jews of Israel. This is a strain of Judaism which rejects Zionism, i.e the existence of Israel, because it interprets the bible as saying that Jews aren’t allowed to build a state but rather wait for god himself to manifest and give it to them.

Most Hareidi Jews do not work, but live on social security- as they claim it is the jew’s job to devote himself to studying torah. Also, although army service is mandatory in Israel- the hareidi Jews enjoy a special status, and are exempt from serving in protection of a country they do not believe has a right to exist. As mentioned earlier, this does not stop them from living on the back of the tax payer.

This strange and enraging situation in the eyes of working Israelis stems from a status quo agreement which was signed when Israel was created sixty years ago between the first prime minister and the leader of the hareidi Jewish community- which then numbered a few hundreds only.

However, thanks to high birthrate and low mortality of babies which comes as the result of combining the outdated religious commandment to breed as much as possible with modern medicine- hareidi Jews number in the hundreds of thousands in Israel today.

It is a group obsessed with the rituals practiced in the days of the Jewish community of Poland during the Middle Ages, which is apparent in its insistence to dress according the dress code in of that place and time- black wool coats. Only the Middle Eastern weather of Israel is a bit warmer than that of Poland, which doesn’t stop them… The group openly declares that it wants nothing to do with Israel, and that its insistence to live in the country lies in the holiness of the land, regardless of its apostate secular democratic government.

While social struggles/human rights issues/and such do not interest this group- they do wage the strangest battles against the authorities. Whenever a road is paved and the excavations uncover ancient bones, the hareidi Jews riot. Thousands of them throw stones, burn trash bins and riot in front of police officers in anger of the blasphemy of opening ancient graves. They never do try to figure out if the graves are in fact jewish- while they could be roman, Greek, byzantine, Muslim, you name it.

Another time the hareidi jews cried out occurred a few years ago when israel’s electricity company imported a new power station, which it had to transport by road to it’s scheduled site. The station was huge, and would cause nation wide traffic jams- so naturally it was decided to transport it on the day with least traffic- the Sabbath.
The hareidi jews rioted, screamed, burned trash cans, threw stones at the police- all in the name of the jewish holy rest day- and could not give dam about the damage to the economy or comfort of their fellow Israelis.

Two years ago Jerusalem’s gay lesbian community held a march. Again the hareidy Jews awoke from their slumber- protesting the defiling of the holy city by “beasts and daemons”. One hareidi actually stormed the march, stabbing one of the participants.

The latest battle between the forces of democracy and the forces of god is taking place these very days yet again in Jerusalem. Now the fight is over a parking lot.

The city mayor recently declared he intends to open a municipal parking lot on weekends for the usage of citizens and tourists. Once again the haredies freaked out. Violence erupted yet again over the defiling of the holy Sabbath, and only yesterday I was driving through Jerusalem when hareidi jews stoned my car!!!! Missing it by mere inches.

I have much more to vent over the deeds of haredi jews, but I’ll save some for my next posts….


One Response to Religious Nutjobs in Israel

  1. ex-muslim says:

    I was a muslim all my life (30 years) but when i stumbled upon the evolution theory in the internet I was convinced it was true. I am a medical doctor so I know a lot in biology. My comment is not about evolution its about the fear I have of life after death which is in my opinion is like before I was born. Just nothing! How did you accept this thought, which is disturbing to every human being. Now I believe truly that religions were made by humans.

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