Militant Atheism

religion turns wrong into right

religion turns wrong into right

Nowhere in the world is atheism more suppressed on one hand, and urgently needed on the other than in the Middle East.

In the Muslim world, atheism is practically non-existent, atleast not openly. In the religious Muslim regimes, the very mentioning of the word will get you killed, as murdering those who leave the faith is a religious obligation. In the secular Arab dictatorships, while clerics do not run the state- atheism is considered a harsh social taboo, and there is never a shortage of theists eager to carry out Allah’s vengeance against an outspoken apostate.

In Israel, a delicate balance exists between believers in the Jewish god – those who blindly believe the land was divinely given to them and therefore they have a moral right to treat it’s non-Jewish residents however they please- and atheists of Jewish background. The latter is a group completely denying Jewish dogma, but fearing to collectively declare itself atheist- rather hiding behind the term “secular” in order to desperately hold on the it’s Jewish national roots. Outside of Israel, this group would quickly assimilate with western civilization, but in Israel- it serves a sole sane voice for dialogue and peaceful resolution.

As an atheist living in secular Israel, I see what little sanity is left of my country slipping into the hands of rival theists. I see soldiers of god committing actions that without religious justification, they would grab their heads in dismay and cry out against with all their breath. I see wrong twisted into right through scripture. I see the secular demography decline while both Jews and Muslims race for the democratic majority, feeding on growing poverty and ignorance which drives people to seek for otherworldly answers- and turns them against one another. I wonder what I fear more in 20 years, a Muslim caliphate or a Jewish one…

There is no doubt. Nowhere in the world is atheism more  urgently needed.

It’s time to stop fearing, and start acting.

Thanks to exchristian for the inspiring video


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